Dear RentMen visitors, XLBiJOCK chose to answer 16 interview questions that were last updated on 09 Mar 2023


  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?
    In my spare time, I enjoy a variety of hobbies. I love to read books, both fiction and non-fiction, and I'm always on the lookout for new authors to explore. I'm also a big fan of music and love going to concerts or music festivals when I can. When I'm feeling active, I enjoy hiking or taking long walks outside. And, of course, I love to travel and explore new places whenever I have the opportunity.
  • If you and I were on the beach having some wine and great food, what would you tell me about yourself.
    If we were on the beach enjoying some wine and food, I would probably tell you about my love for travel and experiencing new cultures. I've been fortunate enough to visit several countries and have had some incredible adventures along the way. I would also share with you some of my favorite books and movies, as well as some of the things that I'm passionate about. Overall, I would hope that our conversation would be relaxed and enjoyable, and that we would be able to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • If you have to pick one thing that everyone else should absolutely know about you, what would it be?
    One thing that everyone else should absolutely know about me is that I'm a lifelong learner. I'm always trying to expand my knowledge and improve myself, whether that's through reading, taking courses, or just trying new things. I believe that there's always more to learn and discover in the world, and I'm excited to continue on that journey.
  • Name 5 things that you can’t live without.
    This is a tough one! But if I had to choose five things that I can't live without, I would say:

    1. My loved ones (family, friends, and my dog)
    2. Books
    3. Music
    4. Good food
    5. Nature (being outside and experiencing the beauty of the natural world)
  • What do you do for fun?
    For fun, I'm someone who loves to keep learning and trying new things. I'm always looking for new adventures and experiences, whether it's exploring a new city with friends, trying out a new outdoor activity, or taking a class to learn a new skill. I find it really fulfilling to challenge myself and grow as a person, both personally and professionally. I also love to connect with others through shared experiences, whether it's volunteering for a good cause, attending a concert or cultural event, or just having a game night with friends. I believe that life is all about making memories and having fun, and I'm always looking for new ways to do both.
  • How do you go that ‘extra mile' in your life?
    I try to go the extra mile in my personal and professional life by being a reliable, responsible, and supportive person. Whether it's helping a friend move, volunteering for a good cause, or putting in extra effort at work to achieve a goal, I believe in doing what it takes to get the job done and make a positive impact. I also try to be a good listener and offer support and encouragement to those around me when they need it.
  • Tell us what you consider to be your greatest life experience.
    I think my greatest life experience so far has been traveling solo to a foreign country for the first time. It was both exhilarating and terrifying to navigate a new place on my own, but it gave me a huge sense of confidence and independence. I also met some amazing people and had some unforgettable experiences that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't taken the leap.
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
    I think what makes me stand out from the crowd is my unique combination of interests and personality traits. I'm a bit of a contradiction in some ways -- I can be both introverted and extroverted, serious and silly, independent and affectionate. I'm also passionate about a variety of things, from social justice to pop culture, and I think that gives me a well-rounded perspective on life.
  • What are your greatest personal traits?
    I would say that my greatest personal traits are my kindness, empathy, and sense of humor. I always try to treat others with kindness and respect, and I'm a good listener who genuinely cares about people. I also love to make people laugh and enjoy being playful and lighthearted.
  • What is your ‘niche’?
    My niche is someone who values meaningful connection and emotional depth in a relationship. I'm looking for someone who wants to share their passions with me and explore new experiences together.
  • What kind of diet and fitness regiment do you follow?
    I maintain a well-rounded fitness routine that combines calisthenics and weight training to stay in top physical condition. My diet is carefully planned to support my fitness goals and I use a health and wellness app that I created to track my progress and make any necessary changes. I also offer customized diet and fitness plans to help others reach their own health and fitness aspirations. By using personal statistics as a foundation, I design programs that are specific to each person's needs and goals. My goal is to provide support and guidance on the journey towards better health and fitness.
  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?
    I am very work oriented, motivated, risk taking, and definitely a work hard, play hard kind of guy.
    I’m often traveling with my dog, looking to experience all the wonderful things that life has to offer!
  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?
    I grew up with two deaf parents and am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).
  • What should others absolutely know about you?
    If I do not have physical attraction to a person ,it is intrigue and money that motivate me. Body worship and cash get the blood rushing to my cock making it throb and hard as a rock ready to breed.
    I find beauty in most everyone I meet, but we all know there are just some people who are plain ugly on the inside and out.
    I don’t respond well to those people🧟‍♂️
  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?
    I think what I enjoy most about myself is my curiosity and openness to new experiences. I love learning about different cultures, trying new foods, and exploring new places. I'm always eager to try something new and I think this sense of adventure keeps life exciting and fulfilling. Additionally, I value my ability to communicate effectively and to connect with others on a deeper level. I believe that strong relationships are built on open and honest communication, and I try to foster that in all of my interactions.
  • How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or you are more of a homebody?
    I absolutely love to travel and try to do it as often as I can! Whether it's a weekend getaway to a nearby city or a longer trip to a far-off destination, I find that exploring new places and cultures is incredibly enriching. I definitely wouldn't call myself a homebody -- while I do appreciate downtime and relaxation, I'm always eager for my next adventure. There's something about experiencing new foods, sights, and activities that makes me feel alive and inspired. That being said, I do value the comfort and familiarity of home, so it's important for me to find a balance between travel and rest.